I want to write. Maybe I should have figured this out before I hit my thirties, oh well.

I always liked writing, but I also liked drawing and later (and by that I mean the age of about 8 or 9), film; I ended up becoming a freelance video producer and editor. But since I have also done some graphic design and illustration work on the side, I figured I could revisit the writing thing and get the set.

I keep a folder on my computer full of little notes on ideas for stories and many unfinished tales – some screenplays, some short stories and the beginnings of what I hope will one day be a novel. When housebound one day due to illness (and by that I mean I had a bit of a cold) I implored Facebook friends to give me creative briefs, I got a flash fiction prompt and surprised myself with how quickly I was able to write something, and how happy I was with it (see The Collier Tales) So long story short, I thought I may as well get myself a website for my writing and commit to this damn thing.

It’s going to be kinda empty-looking for a while, but watch this space!